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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Today at ADEX 2004

This year's ADEX was the first in 10 years to hold a seminar on dive conservation and environment. Michael Aw, Publisher of Asian Geographic and SCUBADiver Australasia said "this [seminar on dive conservation and environment] was a long time coming and I'm pleased." Aw was one of the delegates speaking at todays seminar. He gave insights to his work with Ocean Environment (ONE), an NGO that funds and gives grants to NGO and individual efforts to conserve the marine environment. A few things he mentioned of interest were Patch Reef surveys and Artificial reefs, which have been established in cooperation with dive operators in Indonesia's Manado and other small islands in eastern Indonesia. Patch Reef surveys was something novel to me, where an area of reef 20m by 30m in dimention and between a depth of 3-15m, with a good density of both vetebrate and invertebrate life. Divers spend a good one hour at this patch of reef and survey the number of species present. This number is than put into a local database as well as a global database in the ONE HQ in Australia. This effort has been taken up by conscientious dive operators who realise that the protection of reefs is a return investment. Divers are also made inturn to become aware of the efforts and issues surrounding the marine environment. They can also become a part of these reef surveys, which is a thrilling, eye opening and highly educational experience.