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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Thoughts Reviewed

Been a long time since I last had my blog, and hey I do have quite a wee bit to say this time round.

I finally made a trip down to the Southern Islands myself with a few doggy companions last weekend. The sight that greated me totally took me by surprise. There were huge sand bunds piled up everywhere, and ships were chugging in and out of the many new channels. Everywhere i went, I could just smell the city. What ever happened to the clean salty breeze i used to experience?

When I did decided to take a short plunge into the water, i grew totally afraid, even my dogs seemed reluctant to do their "deflea-ing" session in the sea. The water was just horrendous, there was even an oily smell emitting from it. It just really pained me to wonder what had just happened beneath me, where all the corals grow. I just wonder if the world beneath me would be the same as before?

I finally made my way down to Hantu, hoping to dive the little pinnacle at the far western end. I was actually hoping to prove Lady D wrong, finding the pinnancle and meeting some old friend underneath would be just great. At least I could come back and tell Lady D that. Nevertheless, I sailed around for about 15 minutes, and i just couldnt find the particular buoy to anchor to and had to settle for a one nearer to hantu. When i popped down into the water, visibility was pretty good considering the tide was changing, and when i finned out to the pinnacle, all i could see was this huge pile of stones and broken coral lying the on sea bed. I mean, what could have happen to it? That pile of rocks used to be the home of an old friend, someone dear to me. Someone juveline and young. Someone I missed so much. Someone I could be able to brag to overseas dive resorts when they tell me SIngapore waters suxs.

I really wanted to see my Shark friend....