Pulau Hantu - A celebration of marine life

Secret lives and secret worlds hidden in Singapore's most popular coral reef.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

This morning at Hantu

My dive instructor commented this morning, how clear the waters around Pulau Hantu Besar are as compared to the waters within the port. "You can see it disctinctly, the colour of the water changes to an inviting light blue as you move closer to the island. It's very nice."

Spotted this morning was a small school of young fusilers, swimmer crabs, and an unidentified bream. THen of course, there are the beloved lizard fish and gobies, which skittish attitude keeps them forever in a somewhat alluring mystery.

The vis today wasn't at best - about a meter. the Current was also strong, BUT in different dive conditions, different animals can be seen.

"Here's where we saw the baraccua the last time!" comments one of the divers as we came close to the jetty.