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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Star impressions

Since we're talking about Icon Stars, I thought I'd be fun to mention how, on my first dive in Hantu, the one animal that reached me most distinctly was in fact Iconoclaster longimanus. I thought it was absolutely funky looking. The colours were totally groovy and the tiled appearance along its perimeter, very retro. So before I knew what Icon Stars were, it was known to me as "the retro starfish". My DM asked me what I saw on that first dive, and I told him, "there was this retro starfish that was really beautiful!" And while he never thought of it that way, he couldn't deny it was a gorgeous animal. And what's more perfect is that you might be able to consider them "common" in Hantu.

Coincidentally, I saw on the logbook of one of the divers at last weekend's dive, a drawing, and a rather detailed one, of I. longimanus. He never knew its name until he heard it form me, but he thought it was very groovy too. So he drew a picture of it in his logbook for keeps. Unlike me however, he didn't spot it until his 11th dive at Hantu, so for him it was a really neat find. And that he made a drawing of it, was a good effort to note things you are unable to identify immediately. It also gives you fun things to talk about, like this.