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Friday, April 23, 2004

Shallow thoughts....

I got a little upset today. Well this was what happened.

I was asked by my Head of Department today, what i plan to do after army. I told him of my dreams, studying science and then into marine ecology and hope i get to do something for what i love. Imagine what i felt when he said," you sure you going to go into that field? Its dying yahz!"

Gosh! I just can't imagine a doctor saying this. Hey, we're living on a peice of land in the sea! Hello??? Whats the big deal in studying this? Researchers have found cures for cancer in the forests, made synthetic medicines. But have they ever tried the sea? You always hear this," Every mintue, some tress are getting cut down. Species of insects, ferns and etc disappear with them. Save the trees!" Have you ever heard," Save the Oceans??? They might contain something interesting and useful that we might be able to produce commerically in farms!"

You might upon reading this ask why I would discuss harvesting the ocean for its resources on a conservation blog. I believe in sustainable, commerical harvesting, in a controlled environment. I am not trying to be god. I am just trying to combine my ambition as a budding researcher and a ocean-lover at the same time. Who knows, this might be the only way it will work in the future. People need reasons for saving something and this might be the only reason why our oceans are being conserved.