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Saturday, April 24, 2004

The inaugural Hantu Bloggers dive!

Morning rain freshened up the day.

We had a good inaugurating Hantu Bloggers dive!
The water was clear, vis was apx 2-3m, but it's surface looked like silk - no current and no choppy surface (as was around the harbour). Super fantastic!

Here's some of the stuff the Hantu Bloggers saw:
Icon starfish, False scorpion fish (8), Juv. Flying fish, Marine worm, Polyclad worm, Flabellina, File fish or Leatherjacket, Bartailed goatfish, Scaly damsel (Small school), Swimming crabs, Urchins (2 varieties), Brownback Travally, Groper, Copper banded butterfly fish (Several pairs and individuals), Cardinal fish, Small-toothed whiptail, Rabbitfish, Pipefish, and Yellowtail or Vermiculated Angelfish.

Of course there were other fish sighted that we were not able to ID, remember or get pictures of. We'll just have to go there more often!

Pictures from this trip will be be up at the Hantu Bloggers Gallery over the next few days, so look out for them!