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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Ghostly Signs

I am so sorry about my overdued blogs that i wanted to put up. There were just so much stuff i got to do, so much leave to clear and stuff. Hiakz, finally i get to say "ORD LOHZ!"

Ok first up, I was happening to read the papers today. Found a real interesting article. Its about this surfer cum professor, who went round Australia to find the best beach ever. Of course, he had to base his results on several factors, eg sand, risk of getting attacked by sharks and etc. Well, a thought passed my mind. What happens if he comes over to Singapore and grade our beaches. The catch here is that, we are only suppose to grade those factors that we want him to grade. Meaning, if we think that sentosa has nice sand, he can only grade the sand at sentosa with the best beaches in australia, nothing else. I was jsut wondering what he would say? Then, if we get some environmentalist and he is to grade our wildlife. What would he say?

Frankly, i would be real proud to bring the environmentalist around rather then that "beach expert". Reason? SImply because if i am to compare the beaches in Singapore with those overseas, I just feel that the beaches are so artifical... so fake! But look at the wildlife you can find here, i do think that its a pretty limited amount only, but hey! That little amount is pretty significant for our small dot on the globe yah.