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Monday, April 19, 2004

ADEX 2004 - Words

"I would like to see the dive commnuity being represented in conservation movements. It would be very powerful for divers, who are really ambassadors of the marine environment, to be seen and heard, representing and supporting marine conservation efforts." - Victor Wu, Wildaid

"You will find that the people who have volunteered to become guides at Chek Jawa or show interest and enthusiasim in the preservation of wild areas in Singapore, to have a high level of national identity." - N. Sivasothi, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

"It it much the onus of dive instrutors to educate and impose on new as well as existing divers, the importance of marine conservation and respecting the dive environment." - Stephen Beng, Seahounds

"Dive operators have to realise that it will cost more to repair coral reefs than to implement measures and make an effort to protect them." - Dr Peter Mous, The Nature Conservancy