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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Inner strength

"Given time, a reef is able to heal itself." Veteran diver, William Ong said.

It is this tenacity of Nature that shipwrecks can be miraculously transformed into beautiful reefs. The decommissioning of a vessel spells a new beginning and serves as an anchor for life adrift amidst the living ocean.

Since the initiation of a thread in the FinsOnline forum a week ago, it has drawn over 200 hits! An encouraging sign to show that the topic is one of interest and that those who have placed their comments have returned through the week to check for updates.

Then, because of the response in the forum, this blog has been established to further discuss the issue. This is a simple machine that is in the midst of being developed to allow viewers comments to be posted and viewed. Also in the pipeline, is a photo page where those who have visited the site and captured stills, have come to share them.

Thank you all for your feedback which has been very encouraging and constructive.

Reefs continue growing in silent tribute to all of you.

Coral reef ecosystems can be surprisingly resilient. Similarly so, is the human spirit.