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Sunday, March 21, 2004

If you're happy and you know it

Assumptions can take people to wrong places.

A FiNSOnline Forum contributor and reader of the blog "Cat got your tongue?" (posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2004), illustrates this through his comments:

I dont reply cos there is no a need to reply by pointing out to the world that i LUV hantu.

this forum is set up to intro new divers to the local diving forum so there is bound to be so newbies.

so pls use ur words properly.

He’s right. I can’t assume the thoughts of the readers who didn’t post any response.

The thoughts I pulled out from my head and keyed into the blog were random and clueless.

My thoughts can never be the thoughts of others.

Others, such as the reader who contributed the above comments.

Obviously I had failed to assume correctly, the thoughts of readers, which was what he was. He felt so strongly about this, he voiced his opinion to me, the instigator of his offence. I sent an apology, thanked him for his feedback and encouraged him to continue doing so.

Because I or any individual cannot assume what another thinks, ever more so, do we need our voices to be heard.

"I dont reply cos there is no a need to reply by pointing out to the world that i LUV hantu."

But there is! When nothing is mentioned, nothing is heard, nothing is known. Ala my very wrong assumptions. Further, nothing can be "introduced" without anything being said.

If you disagree with something enough, mention it. Likewise, if you agree.

A forum is place where discussions are made. A notice board is where notices are read.

Let’s discuss.