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Monday, March 15, 2004

How I felt last Sunday

Visibility at Hantu last Sunday was a fantastic 4m!
On our last dive, during my decomp stop at 3m my buddy and I noticed a huge reticulated pufferfish!we were about to surface but stole some time to grab a few shots of this amazing fish and a short video.
This is the first time both of us have seen this fish in Hantu. I showed the picture to David Wong, the guy who invited us out that day, he's clocked thousands of dives in Hantu, and this was something new even for him! Far out!
Every trip I've made to Hantu has been a learning experience. I always see something new, something I never expect. Apart from the puffer, we also encountered 2 new varieties of a glaucid nudibranch, and a tinsy tiny anemone shrimp! Unbelievable!
You see, Hantu is alive! New corals were sprouting out all over the place. This reef is anything but dead. But some divers believe it is as good as dead. Just mention "diving at Pulau Hantu" to most divers, and it's likely they'll cringe. Some divers won't even give Hantu a chance. They've heard so many bad reviews, they don't even think it's worth a try. No matter how much you coax them, they don't think it's worth their time and buck to dive in Hantu (and I speak from experience).
Just because the vis is poor doesn't mean there isn't anything to be discovered. And it doesn't mean it isn't worth a try. The best part is, that it's right here at home!