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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Happiness and Sadness Redefined.

Singapore has decided that they want to create an island island using the space provided by the newly reclaimed southern islands. Pretty disturbing to me cause I realise diving could also be one of the main attractions in a resort. Yes, i agree that Singapore's water aint that great at all. But I do realise that the bio-diversity in Singapore is pretty unique.

Reclaimation has crushed any hopes of thriving coral reefs in Singapore. This would cause the migration of animal populations that had the coral reefs as home. In the future, where would we or the younger generation get to see underwater life in its natural habitat? Do we really have to go to the underwater water world in Sentosa to exclaim "Hey boy! Thats a shark there. We used to have on at pulau hantu. There look at that coral. It can be found at Hantu during my time. Look....." I would defintely hate to tell my next generation that.

I was toying with this idea today: Why cant the government start growing coral reefs like what other countries are doing? They can do it after the reclaimation. Yes this would be time-consuming and lots of money would be spent. But isn't it money well spent? I dont know, maybe by doing this, one day I might be able to read this headline on papers when i am older," Corals have finally spawned again in Singapore after 60 years" That would defintely bring a huge smile on my face. For now, all i can do is hope that whatever marine life left in the waters will be able to find a better home if they are able to migrate, if not, then there would always be a place in my heart to remember the " Fishes in Singapore".