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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Hantu: Ghost Of the Future

My virgin dive was at Hantu 4 years ago. Despite the poor vis, I was encouraged by the travellies zooming above during my decent. My instructor said i was pretty lucky to have seen trevallies. It was at Hantu that I also saw my first shark and several other "first times". I'm in love with the site.

I once did a night dive at hantu, and was fascinated. The biodiveristy was great. In fact, I saw more stuff at hantu then at dayang. And some DMs who have been diving pretty long, agreed.

1) Of all the sites I've dived in SIngapore, one of the best is Sisters' Island. The 2 islands are blessed with quick currents during the change of tides which results in big fishes being predominant in that area. Travellies (my fave fish) USED TO feed at the channel. After hearing news that these spots are to be closed to divers, i feel a sense of regret. Manz, these spots are the last left in Singapore for locals to dive. Why would they be closed? The govt talks about preserving nature, shouldnt that include the coral and wildlife round the islands? Isn't it a waste to have these replaced by a casino or stuff? Please, why can't we have a minister who loves diving in Singapore?

2) I had hoped against the reclaimation of tekong and its surrounding islands would not change too much. To my dismay, i was astounded to learn that the reclaimation project on Tekong is into full swing. Pulau Serjahat, Serjahat Kechil, Tekong KEchil and tekong has been linked by a huge white sand bund. Now, i could even walk at the spot where i fished a few years ago. The spot where i caught my first fish is now a huge pile of sand! I am disturbed by all these happenings. Dolphins used to appear at tekong. Now i guess most young sailors won't ever see local dolphins, except maybe for those at Underwater World.

As i type these "provocative" thoughts about whats going to happen our seas, I feel like making a round island dive, just to enjoy whats left of singapore.