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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

First and Defintely NOT the Last

HANTU CLEANUP 2002 was held together with SSI and FINS. It was defintely a great time to meet diving people from different dive schools, have fun and most of all DIVE!!! I could still remember that day clearly, we were each given a T-shirt that read "WHAT A FISH!" with a picture of a turtle biting on a NTUC plastic bag. Gosh, that picture really shocked me. Firstly, I never thought that a person could take a picture of a sea turtle in spore, what more a picture of a turtle biting onto a NTUC plastic bag.;p Secondly, do singaporeans really litter the sea that much?

I have to confess this, though i dived at hantu quite a bit, i have never set foot on the island other then the cleanup. I was totally appalled by the amount of rubbish found there. You could never imagine what we picked up that day. Tyres, plastic bags, bottles, you name it, we found it. Just imagine this, with just half a day there on the beach itself, we finished one plastic bag worth of rubbish bags!

Next down to the sea, we were given clear instructions not to touch any tyres or other structures that might be a habitat of a community. Still, we managed to pick up quite a lot of rubbish. It just makes me wonder if singaporeans or maybe us divers really dump what we dont want overboard? Please, if you are one of those, STOP IT! I dont think you would want to see a turtle getting choked aye?!

I would say the day was a total sucess. We had great fun and at least for me, playing my part in making Hantu a more diveable place. But it makes me think. Is cleaning up hantu once a year something we should do? Or should we, each and everyone of us play our part in keeping the waters clean. I just yearn for the day, when i could be able to be at the bottom of hantu's waters, look out into the blue unknown and just look at my travellies zooming round in the waters chasing their prey. Or maybe, finally i might get to see my dolphins underwater and break another "first" at hantu. Please anyone who is reading this, help me fulfill my dreams. The dreams of a "Born-in-Hantu" diver.......