Nature at Our Doorstep
Mediacorp TV12 Arts Central, 9.30pm, June-August 2003
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Made by Film Formations Pte Ltd for Central (TV12) Singapore
Episode synposes by Samantha Sng and Melissa Ong


LAST Episode IX: Thu, 21st August 2003

Green Piece

In this final edition of Green Piece, we look at the URA's Masterplan and the future of Green Spaces in Singapore. We look into the allocation of Green Spaces and investigate whether Singapore is moving toward the goal of being a City Within a Garden.

Green Shop

Green Shop this week looks at Super Nature, a supermarket dedicated to organically grown produce and products. We take a look at what makes up organic food as well as the public sentiment for more of it.


Profiled in the segment is SK Ganesan, a tree doctor for NParks. We go into a day in the life of a tree doctor and find out his passion for flora as well as his favourite type of tree.

Great Outdoors

Yandi attends a SMURF mountain bike clinic for BOAC Bikers and learns the dos and don'ts of this outdoor sports.

Arts Central blurb - Bored of crowded malls, café culture and people watching? Tired of the daily grind, but can't afford to fly off to some island getaway? It's time to revisit Pulau Singapura! Nature at Our Doorstep is a brand new 9-part magazine show on Arts Central that celebrates nature in Singapore and raises awareness on the green and brown issues of our environment.

Each week, host Yandi, our resident biologist, will lead us on exploration trails to green spots and show us Singapore's natural heritage. He'll also suss out all the outdoor action you can get here - from rock climbing and tree climbing to and SCUBA diving and birdwatching tips. Meet people passionate about nature and the environment, who have made it their life's work. Get to know green products, so that you can be an informed consumer and citizen.

Also making an appearance in each episode is special guest Nigel Marven. One of the UK's leading wildlife television producers and wildlife presenters, he's worked on a wide range of programmes including 'Supersense' and 'My Family and Other Animals'. Nigel will be investigating us all sorts of Singaporean flora and fauna, and sharing his international perspective and global experience. Nigel has produced and directed many wildlife films including the BBC series 'Incredible Journeys' and a programme in Sir David Attenborough's acclaimed series 'Life of Birds'. He is one of the celebrity wildlife experts featured regularly on the Discovery Channel and was most recently working on the latest big-budget BBC Walking with Dinosaurs Specials and Walking with Caveman.

Some photos from a shoot at Mandai mangroves
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