Nature at Our Doorstep
Original Broadcast:
Mediacorp TV12 Arts Central, 9.30pm, June-August 2003

Made by Film Formations Pte Ltd for Central (TV12) Singapore
Episode synposes by Samantha Sng and Melissa Ong



I: 19th June 2003

In this introductory episode, our host, Yandi, introduces viewers to the various trees that can be found throughout Singapore in a segment called Green Piece. He talks about their history, why they were grown and also about their future and how schemes such as the Heritage Trees Scheme can help preserve them.

Then in Green Shop, we take a look at Green Labels and Energy Labels and how they help us identify products that cause lesser or no impact to the environment.

In our profile segment, Dr. Geh Min, the President of the Nature Society of Singapore talks about her life and her passion for nature.

For the Great Outdoors, rock climbing is the sport of the week. Yandi tries his hand at it and introduces viewers to the ins and outs of the sport.

II: 26th June 2003

In this weeks Green Shop, Yandi takes a careful walk on the mudflats and sandbars of Chek Jawa on Pulau Ubin, reveling in his findings of the strange marine creatures in one of Singapores treasure troves of marine biodiversity.

NEWater is the order of the day in Green Shop. Go into the NEWater plant for a tour and explanation of how NEWater is made.

This weeks Profile spotlight is on Ms. Low Wai Kiew, the President and CEO of SembEnviro. She talks about her love for the environment as well as being a woman in the unglamorous business of waste management and collection.

Then, follow Yandi as he explores Singapores Park Connectors on his bicycle. He brings us through the connectors and shows us some of their features. He also sheds some light on the URAs plan for total connectivity of Singapores parks through the proposed Park Connector Network.

III: 3rd July 2003

"The mangroves of Pulau Semakau are the focus of this weeks Green Piece segment. Yandi takes us to the offshore landfill island of Pulau Semakau where he finds pristine ancient mangroves and a wealth of marine life. Expect to see the funny fiddlers, sandy mangroves and sea grass beds, and an interview with Prof Leo Tan (Chairman NParks and Director, NIE).

In Green Shop, green vehicles are featured as environmentally friendly, practically emission-free modes of transportation. Featured are two cars, the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic Hybrid. Also featured are the trial-run taxis that run on Compressed Natural Gas.

In Profile, the man of the moment this week is Grant Pereira of the Green Volunteers Network. This long-time activist talks about the fight for conservation in modern day Singapore.

Walking with Nigel has an encounter with a Colugo and checks out some Bukit Timah specialities, the Singapore Fern and the Bat Lily.

Tree Climbing is the topic of the week in The Great Outdoors. Follow the Sunny Island Tree Climbers and Yandi as they scale to greater heights in a sport that is fast gaining popularity around the world."

IV: 10th July 2003

In Green Piece this week, follow Yandi as he takes a walk along the rocky shores of Labrador Beach and digs up the multitude of marine wildlife communities under the rocks.

The offshore landfill station on Pulau Semakau is the focus of this weeks Green Shop as we take a look at how and how much of our rubbish is transported to the station daily.

Commonwealth Secondary School's efforts in the nature are Profiled this week, particularly their adoption of Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve. Linda Goh from NParks, one of the pioneers of this scheme, is also featured.

The Ubin Daze Earth Day celebrations are highlighted in this weeks Great Outdoors as Yandi joins in the festivities. He follows the revelers on tours around the island in what is basically a discover Ubinday.

V: 17th July 2003

The new boardwalks of MacRitchie Nature Reserve are in the spotlight of this week's Green Piece segment. Yandi takes a walk along the boardwalk to see what he can discover in the secondary forest of MacRitchie Reservoir Nature Reserve.

Green Shop this week takes us to see Mr. Ronnie Chew, an agro-innovator that specializes in soy waste farming. Watch Mr. Chew as he turns the waste from soy bean processing to rich fertilizer for his plants.

In Profile this week is Mr. Victor Wu, an activist for WildAid. He talks about his passion for sharks and the importance of their conservation. Also about the public's misconception of sharks.

In this week's Great Outdoors, Yandi attends the Seashore Life Workshop. Jointly organized by HSBC and the National Environment Agency, it trains trainee teachers about Seashore Life to better impart to their students the knowledge."

VI: 31st July 2003

In this week's Green Piece, Yandi meets up with Prof. Shawn Lum explore the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.  Expect to see some rare finds in one of the largest nature reserves in Singapore.

Corporate policies are highlighted in Green Shop this week as the limelight falls on HSBC. The segment looks at how the company extends these policies to its staff and their company philosophies such as HSBC's Earthwatch program.

Profiled this week is Mr Wong Yew Kuan. One of the most senior authorities on nature in Singapore, Mr. Wong talks about his love for nature in Singapore as well as his early efforts in surveying Bukit Timah Nature Reserve as well as many other natural sites in Singapore.

Nigel gets close to a Tamandua, a South American anteater.

In the Great Outdoors, we go birdwatching with Alfred Chia, the avifauna enthusiast from the Nature Society Singapore BirdGroup. Viewers find out where, when and how to go about seeking out some of Singapore's most beautiful, yet very elusive birds.

VII: 7th August 2003

Yandi takes a trek through Sentosa's Nature Trail to dig up all the interesting wildlife in the forest in this weeks Green Piece segment.

Plastic lumber as the alternative building material to wood is the feature of this weeks Green Shop. Longer lasting and made from 100% recycled plastics, this is the more environmentally friendly alternative to wood.

Tony Wu, renowned underwater photographer is featured in this weeks Profile segment as he talks about his love for the ocean and his conservation efforts.

SPARKc, the young peoples adventure camp is put in the spotlight in this weeks Great Outdoors segment. Follow the kids, as they go on their 3 day experience of abseiling, camping, camaraderie building and overall fun, in the great outdoors.

VIII: 14th August 2003

Yandi takes a walk through the Mandai mangroves with Sivasothi from the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity. He looks at the eco systems in the mangrove swamps as well as the vivid wildlife that call it home.

We take a look at the potential of skyrise greening in Singapore in this week's Green Shop segment. From gardens on rooftops of apartments and private properties to corridor gardening in the HDB flats, green homes are becoming more and more commonplace all over the island.

This week's profile is on the National Youth Achievement Award, particularly Ms. Joyce Koh Quee Hwa, winner of the NYAA Youth Environmental Award as well as the Green Leaf Award. She talks about her commitment to her environment as well as her achievements.

The Great Outdoors this week sees Yandi learning to Scuba dive as he goes through the phases towards his Open Water Diver's certification. Follow him as he takes viewers through the knicks and knacks of diving.

IX: 21st August 2003

In this final edition of Green Piece, we look at the URA's Masterplan and the future of Green Spaces in Singapore. We look into the allocation of Green Spaces and investigate whether Singapore is moving toward the goal of being a City Within a Garden.

Green Shop this week looks at Super Nature, a supermarket dedicated to organically grown produce and products. We take a look at what makes up organic food as well as the public sentiment for more of it.

Profiled in the segment is SK Ganesan, a tree doctor for NParks. We go into a day in the life of a tree doctor and find out his passion for flora as well as his favourite type of tree.

Yandi attends a mountain bike clinic and learns the dos and don'ts of this outdoor sports.

Arts Central blurb - Bored of crowded malls, café culture and people watching? Tired of the daily grind, but can't afford to fly off to some island getaway? It's time to revisit Pulau Singapura! Nature at Our Doorstep is a brand new 9-part magazine show on Arts Central that celebrates nature in Singapore and raises awareness on the green and brown issues of our environment.

Each week, host Yandi, our resident biologist, will lead us on exploration trails to green spots and show us Singapore's natural heritage. He'll also suss out all the outdoor action you can get here - from rock climbing and tree climbing to and SCUBA diving and birdwatching tips. Meet people passionate about nature and the environment, who have made it their life's work. Get to know green products, so that you can be an informed consumer and citizen.

Also making an appearance in each episode is special guest Nigel Marven. One of the UK's leading wildlife television producers and wildlife presenters, he's worked on a wide range of programmes including 'Supersense' and 'My Family and Other Animals'. Nigel will be investigating us all sorts of Singaporean flora and fauna, and sharing his international perspective and global experience. Nigel has produced and directed many wildlife films including the BBC series 'Incredible Journeys' and a programme in Sir David Attenborough's acclaimed series 'Life of Birds'. He is one of the celebrity wildlife experts featured regularly on the Discovery Channel and was most recently working on the latest big-budget BBC Walking with Dinosaurs Specials and Walking with Caveman.

Some photos from a shoot at Mandai mangroves
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