Labrador Park - A brief Introduction

Labrador Park is a 16.8 ha reserve situated along Labrador Villa Road off Pasir Panjang Road, and is well-known for its WWII relics and bunkers, as it stood as the bastion on Singapore's Southern coast in the British defence against the Japanese invaders. There is a history trail for visitors to learn about the historical importance of Labrador Park.

It is also known as a good fishing spot, and local anglers may be found along the jetties especially during weekends.

The park overlooks the sea, and offers visitors the chance to enjoy the park and the beach at the same time.

A large variety of flora and fauna can be found both within Labrador Park and the rocky beach nearby.

The beach at Labrador Park is an area rich in plant and animal diversity. It is mainly rocky with some sandy streches, and is the best and most accessible natural rocky shore in Singapore today. Rocky beaches leave the plants and animals exposed to the sun during low tide, and these organisms have to adapt to these kind of hot and dry conditions in order to survive. Camouflage is also an important to aid these organisms to hide from predators.

Labrador Park - Various Aspects

Our Heritage -
The History Trail

Recreation - The Park

Cliff Forest


The Beach - A Rough Sketch Map

A rough map of the distribution of terrain type and some flora and fauna of the Labrador Beach. Drawn on the first recce on 21 June 2004.