Friday, June 25, 2004

New photos soon, and a couple of things to note

Just a few short thoughts on my side. Our first field trip went alright, got a general idea of the stuff around on the beach, collected photographs of the stationary life on the beach (our main task) and a few opportunistic shots of some fauna (mostly thanks to our experienced guide Huaqin, who caught most of it). Also learned some things about camera work. Have finished sorting photos, though this identification business is excruciatingly slow-going. Will have them up soon, with some help from Siva.

To bring on next trip:
Stick, container, tripod

The tide levels at the beach, 22/6/2004. We started work at lowtide, which was around 7:30am. And stopped when the tide came in around 10am.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Back from the rocky shore...

Ok...we spent the morning at the rocky shore this morning (along with Hua Qin, a guy doing some work with RMBR as well). Took LOADS of photos but quite a few turned out to be quite blurred when we viewed them on the computer screen. Wai also did a rough sketch to show the distribution of habitats and types of flora and sessile fauna along the rocky beach.

Large areas of seaweeds, seagrass and sargassum could be observed, and there is also a large region where a variety of colonial anemones can be found. Did learn how to spot quite a number of species. Should help us in our next trip down.

After going through the photos with Siva (and discarding a number), realised that our photography skills need some brushing up... Well, it's all trial-and-error, and learning from our mistakes!

After the tide came in, we went up the forest trail and took in the view of the sea. Some of the southern islands can be easily seen in the horizon (Pulau Bukom, Pulau Semakau, and Pulau Jong)! Even the monorail on Sentosa can been seen on the left. There were also some bunkers and a battery hidden away, along the nature trail.

The next step for us would be to organise the (more or less decent) photos into a photo gallery to be put up on our website. Look out for this! ^^

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Planned Recce of Rocky Beach

Tentatively setting 21 June (Mon), 7 am to be a recce of the rocky beach, as well as a walk through Labrador Park itself after consulting both the Sembawang and Tanjong Pagar tide tables. Hope the weather holds up. Probably have to check the weather forecast 3 days before hand.

My turn next...

Slight updates on the blog. A very rough skeleton of contents to be included can be seen on the sidebar. Wai and I would be going down to Labrador Park sometime soon, so that we can get better idea of information can be put up.

Still need to get the hang of Guess we still have quite a lot to learn. ^^
Now, how are we going to organise the introduction? Hopefully some form of an introduction to Labrador Park can be up sometime today or tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Met with Siva today, and got roped in to help him set up a webpage on the rocky shores of Labrador Park, a relatively unstudied pocket of nature (up till now) in Singapore.

Went over a number of photographs he took on his first trip down yesterday. Starting to get a better idea of what we'll be doing. For now, a brief study on tide tables and some background information on Labrador Park.

Also in the works are a few photography lessons and a fieldtrip during the next spring tide.