Sunday, January 13, 2008

Revival of Labrador Project!

Ever since the newspaper article on 29th Oct 2007 featuring the Singapore Polytechnic's SEACILs project. Some wildlife bloggers, upon discovery that the debris they found on the intertidal of Labrador shores were linked to their project, began blogging extensively about their concerns for Labrador habitat.

This subsequently led to the Straits times article on 26th November 2007 titled: 'Nature lovers fear coral project will cause damage'.

Despite all the noise made by the 'nature lovers', there was no improvement in the debris condition of Labrador. Instead, more debris from other sources began appearing as well, which further dampened the natural landscape of Labrador. Apparently situation in Labrador worsen by the day...... until this year...

During the last visit on 8th January 2008, some of the concrete debris began to disappear from the site, apparently removed by some unknown groups. This led to an entry titled: 'A new Hope', showing optimism for the once-dire-state of Labrador. Although there is still much debris to be removed from the shore, the removal of these debris, though may appeared insignificant, do signals a starting point for return of the former glory of Labrador Nature Reserve.
Riding on this new hope, the Toddycats of RMBR has reinstated the Labrador Project with the following aims:
  • To raise awareness to the public of our rocky shore in Singapore
  • To interest them in the conservation efforts, as well as looking out for our nature reserves
  • To create a continuation in imparting nature awareness through training of guides etc

Hence, a team, made up of nature lovers, is formed to fulfil the aims. In the near future, the team will conduct walks, cleanup sessions, training sessions and other events in relation Labrador Nature Reserves. Therefore, look out this space for more updates!

For more information/enquires on the Labrador Project, please email to:
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I would also recommend working closely with the park managers in organising your events.

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