Monday, July 25, 2005

Frogfish on Labrador!

Wandered right to the end of the beach today, near the mouth of the monsoon drain. There are many seaweeds and a whole patch of Halophila growing there. Near the big mattress-like bags, a nice surprise awaited.

Frogfish! (Lophiocharon trisignatus) It was doing a good impression of a rock, fuzzy greenish-brown outline enabling it to blend in perfectly into its surroundings.

The spot-tailed frogfish is distinguished by the dark-margined translucent spots on its tail.

In addition, frogfishes also have...

a lure on the top of their heads attached to a fishing rod-like structure which they use to attract prey with. Lures of different species of frogfish resemble different types of food animals like worms or small shrimps.

They also have modified pectoral and anal fins which they use to "walk" on the ground.

Thanks Ria, for the photos. Was too busy trying to film the fish at the time. ;)


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