Thursday, April 07, 2005

Return of the snails

Decided to post more before I get sucked into the craziness of preparing for papers. So anyways, here's more gorgeous creatures for all you smart pple who visit this site to feast your eyes on...

This... is what i call mollusc-on-a-mollusc. Limpet (cellana) on a top shell (trochus). And this time the limpet is a true limpet.. the real deal. Not like the false limpet in my virgin post. This one has resplendent colours.. like the colours of a pearl... now there's a term for that kinda colours but....... i forgot. Anyway back to Mr limpet. He sticks on really hard to stuff. Difficult to pry them out. (yes i was curious, but being the nature lovers that you all are, I know you will not do the same). I still prefer my pretty little red limpet coz this one's kinda common.

Next off, we have Mr Turbo (turban shell), happily crawling past some rocks looking for some yummylicious algae to munch on.. ok not really munch.. graze.

And then... Ms evil author turns his shell over. hehehe. Well, giving him a chance to show off his muscles what... Look at the yellow meat... doesn't it look yummy?! okok. i'm evil. This particular turbo was relatively big... the size of... a golfball? See the brown part at the opening? on top of the yummylicous yellow meat? that's the operculum. Didn't take a pix of the operculum coz all my photos are for ID purposes and turbos are easy to ID coz of their operculums: the only one made of calcium. It's really hard and pretty with a spiral pattern on the flat side. but sad to say, humans are evil. and selfish. These trap doors that protect Mr Turbo from the prying of crabs or any other predators are often targets of collectors. They're used to make buttons. ya buttons.

Ok to deviate away from my pretty snails.. (saving more pix for later post. :) anticipation is good.) here's 2 other photos that I took during my sampling days... those were the days...

Heron? I dunno what's this bird but he always sneaks around, attacking some poor snail (actually i'm not sure.. ) or some poor fish.... yeah. resident birdy of labrador. along with a kingfisher. but never got a close up of the kingfisher. camera shy.

and here's a sight that really took my breath away....... photos dun even show the wow-ness of the sunset. I don't have a religion but when you see the sunrays and all, you really feel like God is looking at you from behind the clouds, blessing everything the rays touch.. oooooh.... I'm definitely gg back to take more photos.


Wai said...

Yes I've always loved the sunsets at Labrador. Now's the season for sunrises though, which are as spectacular, if not more so. :)

Heh. You managed to get a picture of that bird. It's always lurking around somewhere just out of the range of my camera. I think it could be a Little Heron (Butorides striatus) but I haven't managed to get a really good look at it. It's a really shy bird, all right.

2:11 PM  

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