Wednesday, April 06, 2005

pretty pretty snails!

One of Danwei's UROPS mates here to share our sightings. More mates to come. :) Corals... not my thing... What I'm about to show you are the most commonly sighted AND most beautiful creatures you can see on labrador. Of course my frenz will beg to differ.... but still... here's some of the gorgeous creatures that have been accompanying me for the past semester... enjoy.

ooohhh... what did I tell u? Gorgeous. HA. of course there's more to the angaria than just a muddy cover but.. this is really pretty rare. It's the only one I saw in 4 months! So I really love this pix.

Cowrie!!!!!!!! see the 2 little red tentacles sticking out? cool right? I never knew my camera could be so powerful too. haha. you can just feel him feeeeeling his way about.

Certithium cerithium cerithium... recorded for almost every quadrat I took.. These creeper shells are the most abundant lot of gastropods (snails) on the beach, second only to the false limpets... which look like........ this:

They're really tiny... average size probably like half of your little fingernail. Found mostly on the higher parts of the shore, the sandy part with the least rocks. These pretty little red limpets (called them that when I couldn't ID them) are false limpets because they are pulmonates, meaning unlike other gastropods, they are air-breathers and do not breathe through gills.

Really wanted to upload some of the more fascinating stuff that we've seen.. like the spider conch turning over! heh.. too bad i didn't have my camera with me then.. Ok 4 pix for my mollusc section... more coming soon.... akan datang.


Blogger Jane @ Kidzarama said...

Thank you so much for that fantastic shot of a Cowrie.

My 4yr old son wanted to know what one looked like & your pic was perfect!

~We have a few old shells around the place.

8:47 AM  

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