Sunday, April 10, 2005

Long live the snails

Ya as ya'll can see i'm running out of titles to use. anyway.. back to our pix..

unknown... mitra? had diffculty IDing (even for snail expert reuben) coz din take it back as a specimen. i mean, what if it's the only one left in labrador right? didn't see any similar ones after that day. Look at the intricate patterns... ok this isn't a good shot but... u can squint and see... so pretty!

next off is this nice green littoraria... fat and shiny...

and another one... this one was found on high shore (the sandy area)

we have strombus... the genus of gong gong.. you know the snails that they serve for supper? Sad to say I think it's endangered now... this is the only one I saw. The rest are empty shells. So you can imagine how excited I was to see a live one! You can't see it from this picture but they have really sharp knife-like operculums that help them turn. Read about it at
Next off, we have another unknown. Ok my ID sux. (anyone who knows the IDs pls do inform me) Think this one is an oyster but experts told me that it could jolly well be just another bivalve. The only way to know is... chisel off the whole thing and bring it back to the lab to look under the microscope.. which, I obviously did not do.
That's it for now. Won't be hearing from molluscs soon coz i have run out of clear enuff photos to upload. :) NOT that there are only so few types of molluscs on labrador but I only took a few shots. but fear not, me and my mates will be gg back to take more pix. till then.. taaa


Wai said...

The first one could be a whelk. Quite hard to see from the photo though. It's lovely, isn't it? :)

3:38 PM  
gary said...

i luv snails

9:59 PM  

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