Thursday, April 07, 2005

Algae Galore~

Besides corals and snails, there is something out there in Labrador beach where people seldom bother to take note. They are the marine plants found there. Wide variety of greenery there, from seagrasses (maybe need SS to blog on tis!) to seaweeds. Yes, there are many different types of seaweeds on the beach. So let's check them out!

this is Borgesenia forbesii. It's identity will be confirmed very soon. Isn't it cute? Reminds u of flubber?

Caulerpa lentillifera aka sea grapes. Do you know that fishermen in Thailand and Philippines actually harvest this species of seaweed and sell them in the market? they r known to be a delicacy especially in salad. Maybe we can give it a try when u r there, not here in Labrador cos we dun have much of them left!

Gracilaria. A type of red seaweed abundant on Labrador beach. It is widely grown and harvested in some areas as extracts from this species are industrially useful. I still haven't found out the species of this type of Gracilaria found in Labrador beach because it is very unique. so.. pls stay watch of this blog to find out more!!


Wai said...

The algae on Labrador is fascinating to watch. One day the whole place is covered with some type of algae, then 2 weeks later it can all disappear. Today, there were many small clumps of colourful algae all over the place. Really pretty! :)

2:47 AM  

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