Saturday, February 12, 2005

Shrimps galore at Labrador

The tides were great today, sufficiently low for nearly 4h, so I was able to explore around a fair bit, and got quite a few good shots. The stringy green stuff is mostly gone, with only a few occasional clumps left. So when the water finally settled down, the vis was great.

Much activity going on at low tide - many crabs of different kinds were out feeding, the usually very shy shrimps were actually visible just within the entrances of their holes. I spent about 20min squatting very still beside this hole and finally got some shots of this elusive shrimp as it emerged to snatch bunches of floating seaweed into its hole.

And a shot of a slightly lost snapping shrimp bumbling around a bit before finding its way back into its hole (or a hole).

Snapping shrimp - Alpheus lobidens

And yet more shrimp!

Today marks another failed attempt to get out to the corals further out. The water was very choppy and murky further out and by the time the tide went sufficiently out, it was time to go as the security guards wanted to lock the gate. The irony. Unfortunately, I think the only people the gate actually serves to keep out are innocent law-abiding citizens like me. :p Well, better luck next time.


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