Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Catching the Spring Tide...

Went down to the beach for the second time today. The water level was perfect, though we plan to visit again during high tide soon to see what we can find during that time.

The objective today was crabs, which are way more tricky than algae, seaweed and plankton. Most of the time I flipped over rocks to catch fleeting glimpses of things scuttling off into holes. Perhaps my search image isn't good enough yet.

I found a lot of hairy crabs all over the beach and a couple of smaller crabs at the rocks near the end of the beach, but those remained elusive to my attempts at catching them. The hairy crabs are the best because they don't scuttle off somewhere to hide when I walk by.

Also managed to get better photos of things we found the last trip out. Think I'm finally getting more familiar with this camera. It was also easier because the intertidal region was wider this time round so there were more things to choose from.

A rainbow over Labrador after a brief shower in the morning.


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