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footprints on Chek JawaCourtesies at Chek Jawa
Chek Jawa is a beautiful habitat for all to share. After your visit, I am sure others will make the effort too. As a courtesy to them, please take nothing but photographs and leave nothing, not even footprints if possible :-)

I'm sure you hope others who went before you also did their best to keep Chek Jawa beautiful for you.

Thus our gentle requests to visitors...

Please do not litter. This includes noise pollution. Please do not play portable hi-fi sets on Chek Jawa. Most people come to enjoy the serene and quiet atmosphere. It shows lack of courtesy to disrupt this peace and ruin the visit for other people who made the effort to come.

Please do not collect live plants or animals.
They are doomed to a certain and painful death if removed from the habitat. It is cruel and wasteful to treat innocent creatures this way, simply to get a keepsake or for our own pleasure. Even empty shells are potential homes for hermit crabs and other lifeforms.

crushed sand dollarWalk gently. Every inch of Chek Jawa teems with life. Avoid stepping in pools as this muddies the water and makes it difficult for you and others to enjoy viewing the life there. Avoid stepping on plants and animals. Try to keep to the sandy areas.

Creatures at Chek Jawa are more visible and display more interesting behaviour if left alone and watched undisturbed. You are more likely to be rewarded by leaving them alone and just observing them going about their daily business. When poked, tickled or otherwise upset, most creatures will simply withdraw into a safe place and not emerge for some time.