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New procedures for visits to Chek Jawa
Joint media release by NParks, NSS and RMBR
27 Dec 01

As Chek Jawa will be conserved, there is now no longer an urgent need to rush to see this natural heritage. Large numbers of people have been visiting Chek Jawa recently out of curiosity. This has put a strain on the fragile ecosystem. In order to ensure that Chek Jawa remains sustainable for long-term enjoyment, the immediate need is to prevent further deterioration of the mudflats and injury to the marine organisms.

NParks will be putting in place measures to control access to Chek Jawa. These measures may inconvenience visitors but are done out of necessity.

The best time to visit Chek Jawa this weekend: Sat 29 Dec and Sun 30 Dec, is from 4.00pm to 7.00pm.

All visitors to Chek Jawa this weekend, are required to report to the NParks Information Desk at the basketball court, opposite the Pulau Ubin Community Centre at Ubin Village. Directional signs will be placed at the Ubin Jetty to point the way to the basketball court. Park Rangers will also be at the Ubin Jetty to assist and direct visitors.

For cyclists, information will be given to them on the best route to take to Chek Jawa.

For visitors who intend to take the local taxi to Chek Jawa, the taxi queue will be beside the Information Desk. The taxis will depart at regular intervals from 3.30pm to 6.30pm. The trip to Chek Jawa will take about 20 mins.

On reaching Chek Jawa, guides will be at hand to take visitors for a 45mins walk along a designated route to see the marine creatures at the mudflats.

Visitors are advised to wear proper footwear, follow the instructions of the guides and stay on the designated route. Visitors should not walk barefooted, litter, or touch and collect any plant or animal specimens.

NParks wishes to reiterate that there is no need to rush to Chek Jawa this weekend as there will be many more opportunities in the future.

A booking system is available to facilitate visits on the following dates and time with low tides:
11 Jan 02: 4.00pm
12 Jan 02: 4.00pm
13 Jan 02: 5.00pm
14 Jan 02: 5.00pm
27 Jan 02: 4.00pm
28 Jan 02: 4.00pm
29 Jan 02: 4.00pm
30 Jan 02: 5.00pm

Members of the public can call the NParks Ubin Information Kiosk at Tel: 542-4108 to book their visits on a first-come-first served basis.

Dates for visits on subsequent months will be announced in NParks website:

For more information on Chek Jawa, please log on to the following website: or call the NParks Ubin Information Kiosk at Tel: 542-4108.

We seek the public's co-operation to ensure the long-term sustainability of Chek Jawa.


Lynn Tang, Public Affairs
Tel: 471 9968 HP: 9489 4039

Dr Geh Min, President
Tel: 732 9693

N. Sivasothi, Research Officer
Tel: 874 8869
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