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Tread gently...or the treasures
of Chek Jawa will be lost forever

Chiang Ming Yu, in Letter to TODAY, 24 Dec 01

I refer to the article, "Hope for Ubin Beach" (TODAY, Dec 21). Kudos to the Ministry of National Development for deciding to defer reclamation works at Tanjung Chek Jawa.

I had given up all hope of ever seeing the beach. Tanjung Chek Jawa is irreplaceable.

We have lots of flats in Singapore, but we have only that one 'mud-flat' left.

If the few remaining spots of natural beauty in Singapore were to go, this special place we call home would be less special. It might become like a five-star hotel—splendid and luxurious—but it would not feel like home.

I hope the Ministry would make a long-term commitment to protecting marine life at the beach. I wonder if the area can be given some form of protection in the meantime, perhaps by the Nature Society and the National Parks Board.

A horde of eager, curious Singaporeans (including myself) anxious to see this national treasure would flock to the beach, and this would inadvertently cause a 'redevelopment' of the area. I have heard horror stories about people poking sea anemones and throwing sea cucumbers around the beach.

I also hope the Nature Society would be able to teach Singaporeans to appreciate the beauty of how this spot was created. I thank the Ministry for giving them the opportunity to do so.
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