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Ubin reclamation works deferred
STREATS, 21 Dec 01

Reclamation works to be carried out at the end of this year at Tanjung Chek Jawa have been deferred.

The area on the eastern tip of Pulau Ubin came to public notice at the URA Public Dialogue on the Concept Plan 2001 earlier this year.

Since then, individuals and special interest groups have petitioned the Ministry of National Development (MND) to stop the reclamation of the tidal mudflats and protect the area's natural habitat.

After considering public feedback and consulting the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the National Parks Board (NParks), the Housing and Development Board (HDB) and marine life experts from the National University of Singapore and other institutions and societies, MND has decided to postpone reclamation plans.

This will give the MND some time to discuss with experts how to protect the wildlife in Tanjung Chek Jawa.

Minister for National Development Mr Mah Bow Tan yesterday met with representatives of nature and bio-diversity groups to discuss the best options to protect the marine life at Chek Jawa.

The immediate need now is "to conserve bio-diversity and prevent further deterioration of the mudflats and injury to the marine organisms," said the MND.
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