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Bad weather slows development - another month's extension?

Friday, 16th June 2000
Source: Ricky Yeo, 16th June, via email.

Ricky Yeo writes: "The dateline is up, but unfortunately the development of NANAS (Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary) is still slow due to bad weather and other factors. Raymund is trying to get the animal enclosures built up first so we can start transferring the animals over.

As such Raymund is still negotiating with AVA for another month's extension which is reasonable considering he only had like about 2 months (from the tender results) to build up something from nothing! But it'll be a great place once it's up ! We're keeping our fingers crossed until we receive AVA's word in writing that we've got another month's extension ... until mid/end July for enclosures/infrastructure to be built. Time is needed for the construction.

But slowly but surely the lalang landscaped jungle where the new Noah's Ark will be located in is being cleared..."

Due to the enormous logistical and financial costs NAL launched an appeal for sponsors/contributions. Check out their webpage for details.


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"After the storm comes the rainbow"
Monday, 23rd May 2000
Source: Emails from Noah Ark's Lodge volunteers, Ricky Yeo and Goh Yan Yih, 15th, 16th and 22nd May 2000.

"The response for these 2 weeks has been very encouraging." but still urgently needed: homes for mid-sized dogs, and for the long term, donations to help finance the move to Malaysia and the upkeep of the animals. Plans have been made to modernise the sponsorship programme to meet the challenges ahead. The current crisis has been likened to the flood, and just as the original ark survived stormy waters, Noah's Ark Lodge will survive by relocating to Malaysia, and resume its role as a sanctuary to animals.

Public response to "A Final Plea" has been encouraging
Due in part to the massive awareness generated via email, NAL was able to place many of the animals in homes. Most of the pedigree dogs and small puppies have been adopted. Unfortunately, due to existing restrictions on the size of pet dogs in HDB flats, the mid-sized dogs were not as quickly adopted. NAL is currently trying to reach out to potential owners in private/landed properties and expatriate clubs.

Resettlement in Malaysia
The volunteers assured me that Raymund has promised that he will not leave the animals to the fate of the future tenant. Instead, after the extended deadline of 15th June 2000, NAL will resume operations possibly in Pekan Nenas, Johor (as reported in Lianhe Zaobao 14/5/00). Apparently, they have had kind offers of land to continue Noah's Ark, from Malaysia, Bintan, Thailand and Myanmar.

Logistically, Malaysia is the best choice, hence the move there. NAL will thus try to move the animals without owners, and the sponsored animals over. This exercise will require the continued support of the public once again, in spirit and donations.  A sponsorship programme is thus being arranged to facilitate this. Details are listed below.

Animals with owners who have not been paying for their upkeep for the last few years will stay, and will be handled by AVA and the new tenant of the premises, Thierry Lim.

Future plans
- a petting farm, in which visitors can experience a close interaction with the animals.
- an education programme
- an animal
sponsorship programme, in which sponsors contribute monthly toward the welfare of a specific animal or the population.
- online registration for sponsorship, to facilitate signing up for the busy but concerned individual
- once the new place is established  in Malaysia, there will be day field trips for sponsors and open house sessions for the public once again
- a newsletter

Contacting NAL in future?
Enquiries can be forwarded to them via:
Phone: 484-1118
Address:  Serangoon Central, PO Box 820, Singapore 915511
Latest developments: http://www.noahsarklodge.com

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Purpose and type
The sponsorship programme is to be a monthly donation toward the upkeep of the animals. The amount paid can be variable and is entirely up to the individual. People may also form groups and consolidate their contributions.

There are two types of sponsorship programmes: a specific and a general one. The sponsor can either contribute toward the upkeep of a NAMED dog or cat, or towards the upkeep of all the other animals.

How and where to sign up

Anyone can sign up as a sponsor at Noah's Ark Lodge on Sundays until they are closed on 15th June. They can also email: goh_yanyih@yahoo.com

In future, there will be an online sponsorship programme.

The payment will be made payable to Noah's Ark Lodge by cheque to their PO box - Serangoon Central, PO BOX 820, Singapore 915511. In future, arrangements can be made by GIRO, for those who prefer this arrangement.

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A final plea
Habitatnews 2000-19: Saturday, 13th May 2000

The Straits Times Interactive, 9th May 2000 reported that "The AVA has approved his [Raymond Wee's] request for a one-month extension."

Apparently, the new tenant, Mr Thierry Lim, has given the assurance that 'it was not his intention to put any of the animals to sleep', and even stated that "I will take in new strays and abandoned animals provided that it does not interfere with the welfare of the animals already in my care." (ST, 9th May 2000). However, "...a large number of the animals are strays with no sponsors, no owners" and volunteers at Noah's Ark like Ricky Teo (whom I consulted about the accuracy of these reports) fear that in the worst case scenario, they may be put to sleep.

"Even for those that have owners, some...really can't afford it, and the average amount that a sponsor puts up is about $30-$50". As such, the cost of maintenance is inadequately compensated by such payments, and since the motivation of the new owner is unknown, volunteers at Noah's Ark Lodge feel that adoption could prove a more reliable reprieve for their wards. Email messages about this appeal have been circulating email accounts since the beginning of the week, and the Final Appeal is listed on the official webpage as well.

They 'are open on 'May 13 & May 14 between 11am to 6pm for genuine adoption only. Please call ahead for an appointment on the other days.'

Amongst the flurry of emails I have received was one that pleaded "There are dogs, cats, rabbits and a whole menagerie up for adoption. PLEASE, if you're looking to buy a pet from a pet store, maybe you would like to save a life from Noah's Ark Lodge instead.

Mutts may not be purebred, but they are the most devoted, loyal and true man's best friend you can ever get. For those who insist on a purebred, there are shih tzus, jack russells, fox terriers, a dalmatian, beagles, poodles, poms, a lab and a beautiful retriever (abandoned ... at 8 years old), all waiting for a home."

Having visited the lodge, I can attest to the good condition of the animals there. This had been no half-hearted venture. These animals, abandoned once before, reached the sanctuary of Noah's Ark Lodge, but now face an uncertain grim future. Their best hope yet is adoption. Help spread the word about the Noah's Ark Lodge's Final Plea.

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Noah's Ark loses tender bid
Habitatnews 2000-18: Sunday, 1st May 2000

On Thursday, 27th April the distressing news broke:
"Animal shelter gets new Noah" by PAULINE LEONG
The Straits Times Interactive, Thu 27th April 2000

Noah's Ark is a non profit animal shelter which takes in strays and unwanted animals who will other wise be put to sleep. Run soley on donations and private funds, the threat of closure after seven years had been reported earlier in Habitatnews No. 2000-03: Mon, 10th Jan.

Unfortunately, the tender for the existing land was awarded to a commercial entity for boarding, breeding and training which had bid a higher price than Noah's Ark. Mr Raymund Wee's bid of $48,000 per annum, lost out a Mr Thierry Lim's bid of $60,101. Noah's Ark will have to vacate the land in two weeks time. The fate of the 600 or so animals remains unclear at present.

Noah's Ark volunteers are obviously dismayed. Read Alan Teo's "Parting words" at the the Noah's Ark webpage.

The following Monday, a report appeared in the Straits Times:
"Plea to spare Noah's Ark animals" by MANASI RAJAGOPALAN
The Straits Times Interactive, Mon, 1st May 2000
Mr Raymund Wee, worried about the fate of the 600-odd animals was, 'asking the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) and the shelter's new owner, Mr Thierry Lim, not to put down any of the animals and to meet him for a discussion on its future.'

Address & How to get there
Noah's Ark Lodge
T81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Singapore 798061
Tel: 484-1118
Email: noahsark_sg@yahoo.com

Nearest MRT Station: Yio Chu Kang
Bus Services: 86, 103, 163
After the bus turn into Jalan Kayu, get off at the 3rd Bus Stop. The Shelter is about 20 minutes' walk from the main road, Jalan Kayu.

If you're driving, go along Jalan Kayu and turn left/right (depending on which direction you're coming from) at a traffic light. You'll see an old folks home on your right. Keep going until you see a NAL's little wooden sign hammered into the ground on your right. Turn right, pass a big field on your left and you're there.

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