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Lower Peirce

Nature Trail

"New Nature Trail". The Straits Times, 13th November 1999. Archived at Nature-Singapore Mailing List in by Victor Yue.

Speech by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Develpoment, at the launch of the National Education programme on "Singapore, our Garden City" at the Lower Peirce trail, Old Upper Thomson Road, on Friday, 12th November 1999. Archived in Nature-Singapore Mailing List by Victor Yue.

Lest we forget - Tony O'Dempsey, 15th November 1999.


Webpages featuring the trail

Lower Peirce - an easy walk in a tranquil forest by Nick Baker, Ecology Asia, 2001.

National Parks Board webpage on Lower Peirce

Lower Peirce Boardwalk, photo essay by Ria Tan, 2001


Reservoir/Reservoir Park

National Heritage Board - Water Supply in Singapore
"...Officially commissioned in 1912, the Kallang River Reservoir was renamed Peirce Reservoir in 1922 after the Municipal Engineer Robert Peirce who had been in charge of its construction. It became known as Lower Peirce Reservoir when work began on an even bigger impounding reservoir in 1975.

Local catchment areas - "No place like home"

Reservoir Parks - Public Utilities Board webpage

URA site from 1996 indicating "Park Connectors are proposed to link the Ang Mo Kio Planning Area with adjacent regional parks, like ... Lower Peirce Reservoir Park via Old Upper Thomson Road along the fringe of the Water Catchment Area." (Map of area available).

Mainly sunsets at Lower Peirce by D Hawkins.



Sport Fishing at MacRitchie, Lower Peirce And Upper Seletar Reservoirs - Public Utilities Board press release, 14 December 2000.

"Fishing in our reservoirs - for better of for worse?" by N. Sivasothi, Habitatnews, December 2000.

"Fishing in three central reservoirs may have adverse ecological impact" by TANG Beng Yong, December 2000.

Compiled by N. Sivasothi.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve


Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
National Parks Board. With maps of the reserve and the biking trail.

BTNR - history, flora and fauna; with photos
by Chew Cheng Woon, Chinese High School

BTNR - A precious remnant of primary rainforest
by Nick Baker; EcologyAsia, 2001

BTNR - Singapore's Hotspot
by Yeo Jian Bi Jackling ; Lin Meilin, Cindy ; Yang Yunru ; Chng Tze Wei ; Tan Yan Jun Charlene, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School's team - last updated 31 Mar ?1999

Natural Oasis
by Vernon Lee, 13 Jun 2000

Bukit Timah Expressway
Public Works Department (PWD), 2001

Forests of Singapore
Sean C. Thomas, 18 Oct 1999



Learning Journeys - guided tours 
Ministry of Education, ?2000

A guide to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve - Popular, MPH Online
BP/Singapore Science Centre guide book



Visitor Centre and Trails
National Parks Board, 2001

Relative Position in S'pore, BTNR & Central catchment
Molluscan Maps, 2001

Location and Surroundings
AsiaMaya.com, 2000

WWII Sites of SIngapore-Location Maps
Yasuyuki Ito, 1999



Bukit Timah Mountain Biking Trail - with map
Digital Reality, 1996

Mountain bike trail review - BTNR
consumer review.com, May 2001

Gunung Tahan Expedition training at Bt Timah 
Chinese High School, May 2001

Rock Climbing
X-Venturer, ?2000


Fauna & Flora

Resident Birds of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Nature's Niche, 1998. Illustrated by Andrew Tay.

Moluscan Pictures

Flora & Fauna of Singapore


Battle for Bukit Timah
by Ron Taylor, 1997. East Anglia Net

Bukit Timah Battle Site Part 1 - Part 2
National Heritage Board, 2001

Photos and Art

Reuben's Nature Photos
Molluscan Pictures, 1996-2001

Photo Gallery: Part1 - Part 2
by Victor Wong, 1998

View from Bt Timah Hill by Ng Eng Teng: Part 1 - Part 2 

Fourth Grade photo gallery Page 1, Page 2
Singapore American School 

Signs at BTNR
Fortunecity.com, 2000

Tanks' travel tales with digital photos taken with Canon S-10
Tanks geographicals, May 2001

Photo Gallery
Big Al's Homepage, 2001

Field trip to Bukit Timah Nature Park
by John Larkin, Pasir Ris Mercury, 5 June 2000

Vegetation Map of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Surrounding Area
by S. C. Liew, CRISP, National University of Singapore, Feb 1994

Rainforest Project
by Naomi, 2000

"A beautiful world and human happiness"
D. William Moss, 1997

Johora singaporensis
Geographical, 2000



'A view from the summit' - an article by N. Sivasothi
Habitatnews, 2001

Urban Forestry - an article by Richard Webb
City Trees, The Journal of The Society of Municipal Arborists, Jan/Feb 2000

An Inordinate Fondness for beetles - by article by Paul Spencer Sochaczewski 
Royal Geographical Society, May 2000

In Singapore, Natural Relief - an article by L. Peat O'Neil
Washington Post, 8 August 1999

Bukit Timah Forest Dynamics Plot
by Ayesha Ercelawn, 1997


Application Form - Usage of Parks for Filiming
National Parks Board, 2001

Environmental Trivia
Toshiba Air-Con (Sg), 2001

Compiled by N. Sivasothi.
Updated by Airani R., 15th July 2001

Pulau Ubin (under construction)

Chek Jawa homepage

Stories from Pulau Ubin
Ali Ibrahim's impressions of Ubin, excerpts from an olde email, 13th February, 1998
Victor Yue's notes from a Sunday in Ubin,
nature-singapore mailing list, 25th September, 1999

Information about Pulau Ubin
Pulau Ubin online
NParks Ubin information

Others who enjoyed Ubin (Personal pages)
Pulau Ubin, our last natural frontier, RGS students
Mountain Biking on Pulau Ubin by Fong
Hiking trip to Pulau Ubin
Robyn's (14month kid) millenium crossover@Ubin
Youth Environment Ranger Scheme
NUS Postgraduate Society
12th MC Ubin trip
Ubin - Winds of Change at Asiaphoto.com
A pictorial story by Ng Keng Liong
A pictorial journey by Darren Soh

Reclaimation at Ubin?

"Consider new ideas before encroaching into nature area" by Dominic Nathan
The Straits Times Interactive, 14th November, 1999

"What's wrong with developing Ubin?" by Sumiko Tan
The Straits Times Interactive, 7th November, 1999
'...I see merit in building homes there should space in the mainland get too tight.'

Lost links
"Time, LTA catch up with Ubin motorists" by Leslie Koh
The Straits Times Interactive, 4th May 2000
They will need to get driving licences, send their vehicles for checks and pay road tax. But they are COE-exempt.

"Ubin motorists to call it a day" by Angeline Yong
The Straits Times Interactive, 4th May 2000
15 people interviewed on the island say they would rather stop riding or driving than obtain licences or register their vehicles under the new rules

"Adventures in Ubin" by Koh Boon Pin
The Straits Times Interactive, 21st April, 2000
A $25m resort offering adventure training in a tranquil environment is all set for its soft launch next month.

"A trail that gives a sense of Ubin"
The Straits Times Interactive, 19th April, 2000
A nature trail for the visually handicapped

Compiled by N. Sivasothi, 2000

Pasir Ris Park

Guide to the Mangroves of Singapore online -
Basic details including a map to the park from the online version of the BP/SSC guidebook.

National Parks Board -T
This website has basic information about the park such as the kind of activities that can be done by visitors; facilities and direction to get to the park.

"Mangrove swamps at Pasir Ris are man-made", by Chan Kay Min, The Straits Times, 24 June 2001

URA DGP Pasir Ris planning report, 1995

Exploration trails - photo archives by Chan Sow Yan.
A series of photos from Pasir Ris - three locations are provided. Photos are individually opened.

Walk at Pasir Ris Ris by the Butterfly Interest Group of the Nature Society (Singapore), 11th November 2001
BIG conducts regular butterfly walks at various nature areas in Singapore. This is a list of butterflies they saw that day and a link to photos. Well-presented website.

"Mangrove butterflies of Pasir Ris" by Simon Chan
Nature Watch, Vol 9 No1, Jan-Mar 2001
Article on the butterflies of Pasir Ris by an experienced naturalist. Apperaed in this publication of the Nature Society (Singapore).

The Snakehunters, RMBR Newsletter, Vol 1, Dec 2001
Short article about researchers who worked on aquatic snakes in mangroves including Pasir Ris Park.

EcoScientist Camp (TKGS) - Students account of a day-long project.
Field Trip to Pasir Ris Mangrove Swamp" by Denise Fernandez Sec 1/4 2000
Field Trip to Pasir Ris Park" by Amanda Lee Sec 1/5 2000

"Sunday on the Swamp" by Pamela Ng.
Spring Issue 2, Sep-Oct 2001 (Northeast Community Development Council) .
Discover the rare plants and exotic wildlife among the mangroves of Pasir Ris.

VJC Science Enrichment Camp, 2001
Brief photo journal - day two involved observations at Pasir Ris park.

"Beachcombers" by Mary Rose Gasmier, Straits Times, 30 March 1992
Students of Loyang Secondary School clean up their adopted beach at Pasir Ris.

About Pasir Ris Park by an NUS Computer Science CS3242 Group 16
Quick review of non-mangrove facilities at the park. Include video.

Pasir Ris Holiday Flats
An informative website that might interest any potential holiday seekers who may want to spend their weekends in one of the Pasir Ris holiday flats.

Varsity Christian Fellowship of the NUS: Recreation-Cycling
Information on rental bicycles in parks: ECP, Pasir Ris Park, Bishan Park and Sembawang Park.

Compiled by N. Sivasothi & Lau Yun Wee, 31 May 2002

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