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Thu 29 Sep 2005

Archaeology on News Radio 93.8FM

Category : tvradio

Lim Chen Sian talked about archaeology on The Living Room on Thu 29 Sep 2005 at 10.40am. The encore broadcast is from 10.40pm to 12 midnight. You can listen in on the computer as I did, by visiting the NewsRadio page - I used the RealPlayer video feed to listen.

Chen Sian has an earnest conversational style that makes the interview interesting. I liked his comment about attic or storeroom archaeology and his affection for beverages like Green Spot that his digs uncovered!

Listen to him talk about the contributions these local digs have made to pre-colonial Singapore and ponder over the fact this land has a much longer history of human settlement than we usually think about - he drops the line that 'the last king of Singapore was the first king of Melaka' to put things in perspective. The good news is MOE will be revising school history textbooks soon. What a relief!

See the Southeast Asian Archaeology webpage for more information.

NewsRadio 93.8 Webpage blurb - "Digging Up The Past: He is a relic hunter. He digs for a living. Lim Chen Sian is a local archaeologist who analyses historical documents, sifts through soil samples and collects broken pottery pieces in hope of shedding light on life from yonder. Currently, Chen Sian together with his team are conducting excavation work at places like Fort Canning, St. Andrew's Cathedral and as recently heard in the news, Fort Tanjong Katong.

Join us for an enlightening interview with Chen Sian who says he became an archaeologist much to chagrin of his family, and find out from him what's becoming of the latest archaeological developments in Singapore and why you should tread carefully the next time you're at Fort Canning for a concert."

Thanks to Chua Ai Lin for the alert via the Singapore Heritage mailing list.

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