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Mon 21 Nov 2011

Wed 23 Nov 2011: 7.00pm at *SCAPE- Simon Purser on "The Illegal Wildlife Trade, why should we care and what can we do about it?"

Category : talks

Simon Purser of Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue & Education Centre (North Sulawesi) will be in town this week and Eco-Singapore has kindly and very quickly organised a talk by him at *SCAPE (Level 4) in Orchard (map) this Wednesday, 23 Nov 2011: 7.00pm. This is an opportunity to talk a wildlife conservationist on the ground and learn about the reality and strategies of conservation in Indonesia.

Please register for the talk here


The Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre  was one of several rescue centres built across Indonesia to support the law enforcement efforts against the illegal wildlife trade. Fighting off funding failures, Tasikoki survives under the Masarang Foundation with support from overseas volunteers, and groups like Orangutan Outreach (www.redapes.org) and Primates Helping Primates.  Simon will share his strategies on achieving self-sustainability and how they intend to achieve acceptable levels of animal welfare through volunteer programmes. 

Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre is looking for volunteer coordinators to assist with a variety of projects they are introducing in the coming months, so this is good chance to learn about how you can participate now or in the future in something meaningful.

Thanks to Nor Lastrina Binte Hamid, the Senior Executive (Community Outreach), from Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore) for setting this up.

*SCAPE - Contact Us

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