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Mon 25 Feb 2008

Sun 09 Mar 2008: 1pm - David Bickford on "Where Are All The Frogs?"

Category : talks

"Where Are All The Frogs?"

By David Bickford,
Department of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore

Sunday 9th Mar 2008: 12pm -1pm
At the Auditorium,
Singapore Zoological Gardens
Fee: Free but register!

About the talk - It used to be that frogs could be found in almost every remotely inhabitable part of the world. But in recent years, frogs and other amphibians have been disappearing at such an alarming rate that half of the existing species could become extinct in our lifetime.

What's happening to them? Why should we care and what we can do to help? Find out about these and more from our frog expert!

About the speaker - David P. Bickford is an evolutionary biologist with broad interests and a strong drive to conserve biodiversity. His research focuses on understanding adaptive radiations, tropical diversity, and the ecology and evolution of complex vertebrate systems (e.g. parental care, feeding, diet, and habitat-specific behaviour). David approaches questions from an organismal and evolutionary perspective and uses methods from behavioural ecology, comparative biology, biological inventory and monitoring, and molecular systematics.

His current research deals with cryptic species and speciation, testing hypotheses about the latitudinal biodiversity gradient, and the adaptive radiation of microhylid frogs on New Guinea. He is now an Asst. Professor at the National University of Singapore.


20080226-david bickford talk

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