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Mon 09 Jul 2007

Mon 09 Jul 2007: 7pm - Sasi Nayar on Adelaide's Seagrass Death

Category : talks

Tan Teck Guan Medal Presentation to Sasi Nayar
& Talk on Seagrass Death in Adelaide

Mon 9 July 2007: 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Gardens Briefing Room @ the Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre
(next to Nature's Niche).

All are welcome!

The Nature Society (Singapore)
Tan Teck Guan Gold Medal

About the award - The Nature Society (Singapore) Tan Teck Guan Gold Medal was awarded to Sasi Nayar for the best Masters and Doctoral Thesis from National Tertiary Institutions of Singapore for the period 2003-2006 on a subject related to Nature Conservation or Environmental Protection/Improvement. Sasi's name will be inscribed on the 20-gram 24 carat gold medal with the society's logo on the reverse.

Sasi Nayar's 2003 doctoral thesis was titled "Nutrient and Biotic Fluxes in Relation to Dispersal of Pollutants in Ponggol River," and resulted in 9 peer reviewed research papers in high quality and reputed international journals and 12 presentations in international conferences, workshops and symposias - some of which were invited presentations.

More details about his work in the Dept. Biol. Scis. webpage.

At this event, Sasi Nayar will speak on his current research in Adelaide with the South Australian Research and Development Institute.

"What killed the seagrasses off the Adelaide coast in Southern Australia?"

Since the 1940s, over 5000 ha of nearshore meadow forming seagrasses, Amphibolis and Posidonia, have been lost from the Adelaide metropolitan coastline in Southern Australia. The loss of these seagrasses is of major concern due to their importance to near-shore productivity, seabed stability, and biodiversity.

Engineering works and urbanisation during the 20th century substantially increased coastal inputs via rivers, stormwater drains, and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) outfalls. Due to various coastal inputs, the metropolitan coast is no longer pristine, with elevated levels of nutrients, toxicants, and turbidity being detected and reported regularly over the last 30 years. Each of these potential stressors has been implicated in the historical loss of seagrasses.

This talk will specifically address the effect of nutrients on seagrass assessed from in situ chamber incubations, field experiments and mesocosm trials.


  • NSS interview with Sasi Nayar in Nature News.
  • Sasi Nayar's PhD webpage
  • Dept. Biol. Scis. citation page.
  • "Settlement of marine periphytic algae in a tropical estuary." [pdf]
  • "Environmental effects of dredging on sediment nutrients, carbon and granulometry in a tropical estuary." [abstract]
  • "Environmental Impacts of Diesel Fuel on Bacteria and Phytoplankton in a Tropical Estuary Assessed Using In Situ Mesocosms." [abstract]
  • "Environmental effects of dredging on sediment nutrients, carbon and granulometry in a tropical estuary." [abstract]

Initial source - Sasi Nayar

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