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Tue 11 May 2004

Wild boar at Changi Golf Course

Category : news

"Wild boar spotted at Changi Golf Club". Channel News Asia, 11 May 2004. [pdf]

'A wild boar is believed to be holed out in a cave at Changi Hill is running loose at Changi Golf Club where it has been burrowing for food, destroying the greens.

Maintenance workers at the golf course said "I think it is about three feet long, one metre tall." "All our group go inside jungle. We find it, but the wild boar run very fast...so we cannot catch it...it saw us, it is so scared we also panic, both panic, it ran off and we cannot find it."

Apparently the nearby army camp is fenced off, so the boar turned to the adjacent golf course. The result - a trail of holes and uprooted grass from overnight scavenging forays.

The boar has destroyed the greens closest to the cave. The club is going all out to hunt down the animal, but the wild boar has proved too fast, and too smart - using a different escape route each time.'

The manager said some members had offered $500 to have the wild boar barbecued. "...we are waiting for the barbecue."

Hmm..They'll have to wait a little longer - someone should tell him about the Wild Animals and Bird Act (Singapore Statutes Chapter 351). Domestic pigs are not protected but wild boars are!

Read the complete article here.

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