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Mon 05 Apr 2004

"Primate expert joins S'pore zoo"

Category : news

Reports Arlina Arsha in today's Straits Times, 5th April 2004. Link expires in three days, <pdf here>.

Excerpts - "Dr Ken Gold, 46, has joined the Singapore Zoological Gardens as general curator, a new position that puts him in charge of the veterinary and zoology departments. The primatologist, who obtained his doctorate from Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States, has worked with gorillas, orang utans and chimpanzees in captivity for many years. He has spent 25 years in world-class zoos.

Dr Gold hopes to stay for at least five years. 'It'd be nice to stay permanently or end my career here,' said Dr Gold.

He works with eight curators and assistant curators. Besides staff training, he plans to look at individual animal collections, assess their conservation value, and see if the manner in which they are exhibited suits the animals. 'I'd like to see how we can contribute to global conservation plans, what role we can play in saving endangered species,' he added."

Ed's note - In the early 90's at least, Ken Gold was active in the Gorilla Species Survival Project. And he may be [unverified] the artist featured here. I'll check and get back to you!

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