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Wed 05 Dec 2007

What's happening this week? Introducing WildSingapore Happenings!

Category : news

WildSingapore Happenings emerged sometime last month after Ria Ta, the indefatigable "machine" behind WildSingapore searched for a more sustainable model than her ftp-based webpage updates. Needing something entirely web-based, she looked at blog templates and soon after some experiments and input from kakis, she is satisfied with Blogger!

So now there are two blogs that are being furiously updated complete with feed subscription for the more savvy users: WildSingapore Happenings and WildSingapore News - both are hosted on Blogspot and provide a feedburner rss feed - feeds.feedburner.com/WildHappeningsInSingapore and feeds.feedburner.com/WildsingaporeNews. The news page has additional feeds so hop over to explore if you want something more specific.

Of the two blogs, I highlight wildsingaporehappenings.blogspot.com here first. This site will keep you abreast of the nature and environment related events and activities that pepper our island by the various groups. It is, as we like to say, "non-denominational." With this blog and the option to view what's happening just this week, the headache of keeping track of events is over. A click is all it takes!

There are even categories for type of activity (e.g. walks, cycling, art appreciation) and location. Now all event organisers have to do is make sure they are listed there. With less time to update Habitatnews and some time available now to rethink its architeture and objectives, I am redirecting all nature and environment related advertisements to WildSingapore Happenings. In future, I will post a feed into Habitatnews like I have done so below. I would encourage all the nature-related blogs to host that feed as well.

Now, I just have to look for something a little less bulky!

Posted at 4:34PM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news