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Wed 04 Aug 2004

Win some, lose some

Category : nature

A shorter version of the Pasir Panjang Heritage Trail was conducted over two weekends in July as part of Heritage Fest 2004. Gems were seen and desperate photos were taken, mainly by student's of St. Andrew's Junior College Green Club who trained and later guided the public.

One day was particularly bountiful for reptiles. We saw a Green Crested Lizard (Bronchocela cristatella) and a startling green Oriental Whipsnake (Ahaetulla prasina) within minutes of each other in the Kent Ridge Park's new canopy walk which leads to Reflections at Bukit Chandu. The lizard and snake were cooperative and most groups that session saw them. In fact the whipsnake was seen by at least 150 people over two days. It finally slid off when enough sunlight was procured. On that same canopy walk, we would see a Flying Dragon (Draco volans) as we had on earlier visits.

At the museum at Bukit Chandu, a praying mantis caught in the open charged an observing student, and then made its way to the edge of the garden, swaying precariously like a leaf in strong wind. Unfortunately, against the well-cut lawn, this movement stood out quite clearly and a Changeable Lizard suddenly appeared and pounced on the insect, biting off its soft abdomen and retreating with an excellent lunch. If you are feeling sorry for the insect, remember Ghani's account of a lizard in the jaws of a snake earlier this year?

Win some, lose some.

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