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Fri 19 Mar 2004

Hornbills on Kent Ridge

Category : nature

On 11th March 2004, Lau Yie Hui (who happens to hail from Sarawak) saw the Great Hornbill Buceros bicornis) on Kent Ridge at NUS' KE7 Hall.

Thanks to Goh Wah Ing for the alert.

Earlier, on 7th February 2004, NUS' botany professor Hugh Tan was at Kent Ridge Park. A hornbill swooped down to grab bread that visitors had originally thought to offer the denizens of the pond there. Happily Hugh Tan had his camera handy and fired off a couple of shots when it rested on a distant tree. He now takes credit for the earliest decent photo of the Kent Ridge hornbill circulating amongst us in NUS. Much to the chagrin of the zoologists in the department.

Some Malaysian students in the new Sheare's Hall raised the eyebrows of their biology student hostelmates when they casually remarked about a hornbill sighting. I hope to get that account soon for Habitatnews.

This is all part of a continuing saga of the Hornbills of Kent Ridge that I am compiling for the Kent Ridge Heritage webpage. Dating back at least to the early 90's, hornbill sightings have been fairly frequent, believed to be escapees, were not different individuals and species over time. See comments by Subaraj Rajathurai from some amusing records in 2002!

In the meantime, many informed viewers have rubbed their eyes in disbelief!

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