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Sun 21 Mar 2004

Pulau Hantu - seeing is believing

Category : marine

Amongst the local dive community are those who hold Pulau Hantu dear. An unreasonable affection some might say, given the tough conditions. They say if you can dive in Singapore, you can dive anywhere. But these reefs are part of what we call home. And they are not always as murky!

Last year, Jeff Grieg posted on Fins Online,

"Hi guys and gals....just like to put on record that the viz at Hantu is not always 6 inches...did 2 dives there on Sunday on north of island, viz was about 2 - 3m...
...Many fish were spotted, including a leatherjacket filefish, large cuttlefish, plenty of butterfly fish, nudis, lots of crabs, and 2 cat sharks. The reef along the north side is quite nice, with lots of barrel sponges, some soft coral, seawhips, small seafans, and table corals."

A week ago, Debby Ng dived at Pulau Hantu and came away excited yet troubled by her experience. She wrote,

"Sunday's vis was an incredible 4m! no, I'm not being sarcastic. I was very motivated by the resilience of the animals and coral in this silt-beaten reef. The pufferfish had a thin layer of silt over this massive body. New coral was seen sprouting about all over the place."

'Giant hydroids! I encountered one a good 3m in length today! Flatworms were much in action, and one swam right into my face! Wonder where it was journeying to?

There're many wonders hidden in the nooks and crannies of this mature reef. Despite the severe human beating it's taken over the past years, it's not surrendering to development yet.

Debby was so moved, she's started a blog, "Pulau Hantu - A celebration of marine life". Read her thoughts and those of other divers. Debby is working on a photo webpage next as divers send her their photos. In the meantime, enjoy some of her photos!

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