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Sat 13 Mar 2004

Dolphins sighted off St John's Islands

Category : marine

"Yes Siva,

Dolphins were sighted once again in St. John's Island waters!!!

Date: Friday 12 Mar 2004. Time: 1200hrs - 1300hrs

Location: Channel between St. John's Island & Lazarus Island

Number: 5 adults and 1 juvenile. All grey except 1 white adult.

Environment condition: Relatively clear water, cool weather, quite sunny. Reclamation works still going on at Lazarus Island. Quite busy channel with vessels using the St. John's Island jetty.

The dolphins were less than 50 metres away from me at some point of time. I couldn't capture any close up photos as the camera I am using couldn't zoom far enough. Nevertheless, its still better than nothing!!


[Chim] Chee Kong"

The second, third and fourth photo were brightened.

Look carefully to see all six dolphins in the third photo.

This is a wonderful addition to our arsenal of answers to the question, "Is there marine life [worth protecting] in Singapore?"" Thanks Chee Kong!

Will they stay? Will we retain our battered marine life? It's going to be a challenge - ironicallly, today's Straits Times carried a report which says, "The Southern Islands - made up of the two Sisters Islands, Pulau Seringat, Lazarus Island and St John's Island - have already been enlarged by reclamation. They will be linked to Sentosa by boat or by a bridge, and further reclamation will be done to create the development." - ["Top-draw resort for southern isles." By Audrey Tan, Straits Times, Sat 13 Mar 2004]

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