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Sat 16 Aug 2008

IYOR 2008 Keynote: LM Chou envisions a marine paradise in Singapore

Category : marine

skitched-20080816-092044.jpgIYOR2008 Launch - talks, photos and reports

Since the launch of the International Year of the Reef (IYOR) in Singapore last Saturday, the IYOR webpage has been festooned with photos, videos of the talks and reports of the various events.

Report and video of the IYOR Keynote

Figuring prominently in The Straits Times today is Shobana Kesava's coverage of the keynote address by Professor Chou Loke Ming in which he talked, surprisingly to some, about envisioning a coral paradise. [Hope for coral reefs here,” by Shobana Kesava. The Straits Times, 16 Aug 2008. Just one species gone; concerted effort can reverse extinction trends.]

Despite the 60% loss and expected continued loss of another 15% of coral reefs to current coastal development, there is some hope:

"Professor Chou Loke Ming, a marine biologist with the National University of Singapore (NUS) said a concerted effort made now by the Government, business sector and those in civil society can reverse current trends towards extinction.

Speaking last Saturday at the second International Year of the Reef (IYOR200 8) event, the pioneer conservationist said that to make this happen, ‘development agencies must treat reef protection as a real exercise and not just for public relations, and draw up improvement plans at the same time as their development plans’.

Before the latest study by NUS, scientists had thought at least 50 species had been lost to development work.

Prof Chou envisions a marine paradise by 2018, with many large young thriving reefs lining Singapore’s shores. He noted that restoration efforts had begun over the last decade. "

Prof Chou speaking at IYOR Singapore, 8th August 2008

Read more at The Straits Times .

You can watch the video of that hopeful talk at the IYOR webpage courtesy of Dinesh N. and Ria Tan: "Keynote address by Prof Chou Loke Ming at IYOR Launch 8 Aug 08."

Singapore Celebrates our Reefs!

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