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Mon 21 May 2007

Ria says, "Best photo ever," of a dolphin in Singapore waters!

Category : marine/20070521-dolphin_sisters[cktan].txt

One email that caught my eye on a very busy day last week had a subject line declaring "BEST PHOTO EVER!" Yup, it was Ria and she was squealing in the best tradition of the sorely-missed Jani Thuabah,

"WOW! WOW! That's SOOO COOOL!! Fabulous! I'm so jealous!"

Okay you can't ignore an email like that. And I felt the same way when I saw the photo. Oddly enough, I had just listed dolphin sightings in Singapore contributed by the community since 2004. The best photo so far have been the well-used photos taken by Chim Chee Kong off St. John's Island in 2004.

Tan Ching Kian can now lay claim to the closest photo of a wild dolphin that we know of. He is member of TeamSeagrass and an avid photographer. He spotted the dolphins on 13 May 2007 "at around 9.00am off Big Sister Island" (Pulau Subar Laut). He also has two video clips that he will pass to me during the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium II tomorrow, so look out for those soon!

Like all the others who encoutered these lovely creatures, the images been released for non-commercial use and those of us in education can liven up our classes even more!

Where are the Sister's Islands? South of Sentosa and West of St. John's.

Photos from Google Earth.

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