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Tue 08 May 2007

Videos of dolphin's sighted off St. John's Islands, 7th Apr 2007

Category : marine

Tan Sijie has posted two videos up at YouTube that he took of dolphin's off St. John's Island on 7th April 2007. It's not high grade footage so you have to squint, but its still much better than Tse Lynn's handphone video though, that was probably the toughest to view.

But we are enthralled by dolphins and relisheach and every record, so do send them in - you can email me at .

Sijie says,

"The dolphins were spotted on ... Saturday (7 April) around 8.36am. I believe they were seen off Lazarus in the background, if I'm not wrong.

I was walking the shores in the morning when a friend who took the 8.30am ferry back to mainland Singapore saw the dolphins and called us. So we climbed the breakwater to see the dolphins. They were swimming into the channel, I guess, and were really far away."

In the first clip, I can see them in the top right near the end of the footage. The second clip is blur but you can make out more activity.

Dolphins at St John's Island, Singapore 1 (07 Apr 2007)

Dolphins at St John's Island, Singapore 2 (07 Apr 2007)

Thanks Ria, for the referral and reminder!

Previous reports of dolphin sightings recorded in Habitatnews:

  1. "Fri 06 Jan 2006 - Dolphins spotted off Raffles Lighthouse." 11 Jan 2006. Reasonably clear video footage of a pod, the closest view so far.
  2. "Dolphins sighted off St. John's Island." 02 Sep 2005. Photos from handphone.
  3. "Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin carcass on Labrador Beach." 15 Jun 2005.
  4. "Dolphin's off St. John's island." 01 Feb 2005.
  5. "Dolphins off Pulau Senang." 04 Jan 2005.
  6. "Dolphins sighting at Sisters islands." 22 Jun 2004.
  7. "Dolphins sighted off St John's Islands." 12 Mar 2004. Still the best set of photos, albeit of the dorsal fin!

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