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Thu 29 Sep 2005

The Blue Tempeh reports...

Category : marine

Work Dives around the Southern Islands of Singapore
Jani Thuaibah of NUS Marine Biology Lab is working on a coral recruitment project. She struggles to update us with highlights of recent dives at Lazarus Island, Raffles Lighthouse, St. John's Island and Pulau Hantu.

She shares some photos of colourful and interesting marine life. Check The Blue Tempeh post for links to her flickr albums.

Tiger Tail Seahorse

Unidentified nudibranch

Reef Friends Raffles Lighthouse Survey
She also provides an update to the Reef Friends Reef Survey of Raffles Lighthouse and the Deep Transect (7m) is not a happy place:

"But just barely 4-5m deeper from the reef crest (where the shallow transect was layed), the coral life dropped significantly to just barely 26%, which just barely qualifies for the FAIR category for the abovementioned criteria.

SEVEN METRES! Our reefs used to extend to tens of metres... and now the reduced light penitration caused by sedimentation in our waters has greatly restricted the growth of corals to mainly the shallower depths."

But its not all doom and gloom as the Shallow Transect (3m) revealed 61% hard coral cover is classified as GOOD under international standards and consistent with results from 2003.


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