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Fri 02 Sep 2005

Dolphins sighted off St. John's Island

Category : marine

02 Sep 2005 - Once again Jani Thuaibah of The Blue Tempeh spots dolphins in our waters! She starts sending me SMS' at 12.50pm (I can almost hear her screaming, and the first two messages were in all block caps.):

"Argh! I am looking at dolphins breaching the water, jumping, playing, so near the shore, sometimes 5 to 10 metres away but I have no camera! How frustrating is that? Argh!"

[Where are you?] "St. John's Island Jetty! Argh! Argh! Argh! They're so beautiful! Argh! Argh!"

[How many?] "About five, one pink baby, one pink and grey, the rest all grey.

TL [Loh Tse-Lynn] might have a video. Quite blur though. Breaching"

"For a day with maximum one metre visibility, the dolphins were playing for over an hour!"

From handphone-video footage (x2 zoom) by Loh Tse-Lynn.
Click image to play 16s QuickTime video or ctrl/right-click to download.

Loh Tse-Lynn managed to capture some footage on an overcast day without a camera or video (you can hear her say, "eh, bring your camera leh!") - so its blur and dark but still it gives some impression of what they saw and how happy they must have felt! Jani later said,

"Here's a short video of the dolphins jumping. It's BLUR... and it's DARK....and it's SMALL.. but it's THERE... and they were JUMPING. WARGGHHH!!!

SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing and screaming and tearing at the jetty ALL ALONE while TL and my buddies were still diving... ARGHHHHHHHHH


It's best you download the footage and enlarge the playback; then you see the dolphins leap and splash back into the water twice!

This is the third reported sighting in 2005 of dolphins in our southern waters. The first report caught video footage. The best photos are by far Chim Chee Kong's relatively close shots in March 2004! Thank goodness for those - we show both during "Marine Life in Singapore" school talks in conjunction with the International Coastal Cleanup, to the shouts of disbelieving students who go "Photoshop! Photoshop!" Viddeo then usually silences them, but for a second or two only!

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