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Thu 30 Jun 2005

"Adopt a reef" explained; time to learn more

Category : marine

On Tuesday (28 Jun 2005) morning, some Straits Times readers were pleasantly surprised by news of an "Adopt-a-reef" programme (see Raffles Museum News for the article).

Ngiam Shih Tung, reminiscing about Ayer Chawan of old, asked the Nature Singapore mailing list for a second opinion. Jeffrey Low, formerly from the NUS Reeef Ecology Study Team (the predecessor of the NUS Marine Lab, and both under the supervision of Prof Chou Loke Ming) discussed some of the issues .

Last night (29 Jun 2005) Jani Thuaibah of NUS Marine Lab, explained the project in "The Blue Tempeh", the blog where she'd been posting hints about what she's been up to with Reef Enhancement Units (REUs).

Now she also says in no uncertain terms, "...if we put a couple of thousand of these REUs down and STILL have our waters as sedimented as it is you CANNOT expect the REUs to do their job!"

She's right, this is no miracle cure for the ills of the past. We have lost more than half our reefs, and the less than half the live coral cover survives on the remaining reefs. It is going to take a lot of determination by all concerned, government, people, businesses, etc., to leave more than just silted rock in our southern waters to future generations, even as many have begun to discover the joy of our reefs and take pride in this invaluable heritage.

Meanwhile, Prof Chou, who has witnessed the relentless degradation over the decades, remains optimistic.

"It's not a question of...creating instant reefs, but my feeling is it's not too late to save them."

So take heart and this is good enough a time to begin to discover your marine heritage. A great opportunity presents itself - Debby Ng of the Pulau Hantu blog will share with us a year of discoveries from dives at Pulau Hantu. She is giving a free public talk this Saturday, 2nd July 2005 at the library@Orchard, 3pm - 4pm. Meet her and the Blue Water Volunteers, view the exhibition and discusss these issues with an experienced crew. And sign up for forthcoming dives.

See also earlier Habitatnews entries on Pulau Hantu.

Debby Ng spoke quite concisely on MediaCorp's NewsRadio 93.8 FM on Tue 18 Jan 2005 from 10.30am-12.00pm. Debby spoke with Donna Cheng about Pulau Hantu, a celebration of marine life - how she started blogging, the dives, new discoveries and the issues.

Download the mp3: Part I - Part II - Part III

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