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Tue 22 Mar 2005

The Pulau Hantu blog celebrates with their 1st Anniversary dive

Category : marine

Note logo change a la Google!

The Pulau Hantu blog's dive community celebrated their anniversary with dives off Hantu last Sunday, and have posted accounts of their dive trips and the walk topside.

Jani, an experiened research diver who dived with them last month, had earlier tipped her hat to their familiarity of Pulau Hantu's reef with a high-spirited post full of high-pitched squealing at the other marine blog, The Blue Tempeh.

As if to celebrate the event, a Hawksbill turtle made an appearance, and Paul Cheng's enthusiasm is clear:

"an adult hawksbill turtle! it was huge!!!! ah, heck! even if you minus the 25% magnification underwater, it's still huge! and it's definitely older than me! it has probably withdrawn it's cpf savings already!

bouyancy control went out of the window while i was fumbling with my camera to snap a picture. it was so close to us! it pivoted and then swam past us as gracefully as an imperial star destroyer (sam's words).

we were whooping like mad people when we surfaced. Pulau Hantu really gave us a great present for this one year anniversary dive."

The anniversary dive was oversubscribed so there will be another dive session in a fortnight's time. Congratulations folks!

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